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3D Snowflakes and Color Factory

[Want to hear the whole story without reading? Check out the  podcast!  ] Hey Dad! So, what did I do today? I did some cool 3D printing stuff, so first let's start with last night. Last night Angie showed me a cool Christmas present that she is going to give Mom and obviously, this will not be posted and podcast and all that fun stuff until after Christmas. So what is it? It’s a framed cut silhouette of our daughter!  This was done at Disneyland at the little silhouette cutting place and Angie has been holding on this for little bit hoping to make it a surprise for me, but we decided that it would be even better to give it to my mom instead. Awesome! However, an idea immediately struck me. The silhouette is just a simple black and white vector drawing right? So take that vector, put it into Fusion 360, and extrude it out. Now I have like a little raised image of Emilie. Then I took the idea from one of the YouTube channels I listen to called Make Anything where he ma

Machine Learning and DevOps

[Want to hear the whole story without reading? Check out the  podcast!  ] So I wanted to talk briefly about machine learning, that oh so wonderful buzzword. However instead of just throwing more hype I wanted to specifically focus on its practical applications within Infrastructure Technology Stacks. So most of the time when you are reading/listening about machine learning you hear about AlphaGo, or you hear about these big image classification systems such as ones that know how to identify pictures of hot dogs vs not hot dogs or cats vs dogs. It's generally working with pictures, which are things that humans do incredibly well with no training and machines do very poorly even if you train a lot of information. So how does this fit into environments like DevOps or IT where we are not doing human problems, but dealing with Hard Facts. We're not sales or Customer service, we're not talking to people, we're talking to computers nine times out of ten. Especially in